Come for a tour around the garden of 10 Chestnut Way and as we go I will tell you something of the History. The tour begins in the front garden - this area used to be lawn. We have now moved into the back garden, to your immediate right is the Conservatory and hidden behind that is another house bed. Stretching down the left hand flank is the Bramley bed but most people like to visit the Ponds first. To the side of the pond is the Rockery and behind lies the Rhododendron bed. We will now walk up the garden past the Horseshoe bed and under the large Willow tree. Hidden in a corner here you will find Pirate's bed and to the left of the archway stretching out into the garden beyond is Snuff's bed. Moving through the archway into the middle part of the next garden the Poplar bed to your left,  to your right is the Thyme bed and beyond the Greenhouse is John's bed. Hidden through the other archway is the works area, composts - the heart of the garden - and washing line bed;  Moving back towards the end of the garden, the End bed may be seen ahead of you, turn right past the silver birch with the Hot bed on your right and ahead of you lies the Fruit and veg patch and the small but very prettyWoodland area beyond. Retracing your steps to the gate through the hedge you enter "The Field". On your left is the Butterfly Bed just beyond is a small dip in front of a large wooden log that has been carved to provide a seat, rest here for a while and enjoy the view of the Derbyshire countryside. Turn around and walk towards the 2 "thrones" that are made from the same tree as the log. The bed in front of you contains a number of rhododendrons. There are about 80 young trees in the grass here - about 30 different varieties. Walk through the trees past a bed of willows and the heart bed to the other side of the garden and walk around the Meadow .

I hope we have wetted your appetite and you want to come for a real visit.

NGS open days in 2019:

Sunday February 17th (11.00-3.00pm) - Hot Soup also available
Sunday February 24th (11.00-3.00pm)
- Hot Soup also available
Monday May 27th (1.30-5.30pm)
- Combined with other Repton NGS Village Gardens*
Thursday June 27th (12.00-5.00pm)
- A midweek opening
Sunday July 21st (1.30-5.30pm)
- Combined with other Repton NGS Village Gardens*
Delicious home-made cakes with tea or coffee available.

Entrance £4 children free, all takings (entry, teas and plants) to the NGS.

* Repton NGS Village Gardens are a group of 5 or 6 NGS gardens, the entry fee to see all of the gardens is only £6

We are also open for the NGS by arrangement, (for groups of 10 or more - adm £6 incl home-made teas and guided tour)

Thank you for your visit

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