Snuff's Bed

This bed started life at the end of garden – just behind the willow tree and in front of the Hawthorn. With the increase in size of the willow tree the bed became dry and dark. The old hawthorn was removed to smooth the transition between the original garden and the extension. The plants from the bed were removed and the turf from the adjoining area lifted to turf over the original bed – hence Snuff's bed moved about 5m further up the garden. A large wide arch was built and the path beneath paved. Snuff’s bed is now an established mixed border.

In the photos below Snuff's bed is to the right and the Thyme bed is to the left of the arch. I believe the wheel barrow is in shot to prove that at some point it was empty and not being directly refilled!


Forward to Poplar bed
Back under the pergola to Pirate's bed

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