The original pond was built in about 1990. The location offered the advantage of being visible from the house (which incidentally helps deter cats and herons), it gets plenty of sun and there are no nearby trees to fill the pond with leaves. Useful hint: to stop cats fishing in the pond push them in when you get the chance - they'll get out fast enough and you certainly won't catch them fishing again!

Joining the small higher pool with the larger pond, the waterfall comprises a long slab of rock with smaller pieces cemented down either side to form a chute. The water cascades onto a further rock before falling into the main pond.

A small area of bog garden was also included in the original pond which helped blend the back of the pond into its surrounds.

The pond had an informal stone wall around one side providing an ideal sitting point for a meal or feeding the fish. A combination of bog garden and general flat stones completed the surrounds - certainly not natural but very informal.

The pond was replaced in June 2001 with a larger version, we hoped it would reduce water loss too. The new pond retained the original waterfall and was a similar design although much deeper, wider and longer than the original. The old pond liner was used to make a deep bog garden behind the pond.


Under construction and after it was completed.

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NGS open days in 2018:

Sunday February 25th (11.00-3.00pm) - Hot Soup also available
Sunday March 4th (11.00-3.00pm)
- Hot Soup also available
Monday May 28th (1.30-5.30pm)
- The 20th anniversary of our first ever NGS opening
Sunday July 16th (1.30-5.30pm)
- Combined with other Repton NGS Village Gardens*
Sunday September 24th (1.30-5.30pm)
- Combined with other Repton NGS Village Gardens*
Delicious home-made cakes with tea or coffee available.

Entrance £3 in February & March, £4 in May, all takings (entry, teas and plants) to the NGS.

* Repton NGS Village Gardens are a group of 5 or 6 NGS gardens, the entry fee to see all of the gardens is £6

We are also open for the NGS by arrangement, (for groups of 10 or more - adm £6 incl home-made teas and guided tour)

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