Pirate's Bed


Pirate's bed was named after a long haired guinea pig. The steps leading to some old pots, made from disused pipes, are an unusual feature. The weeping willow tree overhangs the bed, it is quite sheltered and very dry but we do manage to grow some choice erythroniums and other spring plants. To increase the amount of light coming in, overhanging branches of the willow tree have to be kept pruned.

This photo is of the archway between the shed which are between Pirates bed and the Horseshoe bed. The narrowest of our archways, getting a wheel barrow through is not easy, but there are good alternatives so it doesn't matter.


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NGS open days in 2021:

Sunday February 21st (11.00am-3.00pm) - Hot Soup may be available (hopefully!)
Monday May 31st (12.00pm-5.00pm)

Sunday July 11th (12.00pm-5.00pm)

Thursday September 9th (12.00pm-5.00pm) - A midweek opening

Delicious home-made cakes with tea or coffee available.

Entrance £4 children free, all takings (entry, teas and plants) to the NGS.

We are also open for the NGS by arrangement, (for groups of 10 or more - adm £7 incl home-made teas and guided tour)

Thank you for your visit

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