In its first year this bed was truly spectacular. It was sown at Easter 2006 at the rate of 1gm (a third of a teaspoon) per square metre. It started off looking like a bed of weeds but by mid June gave a wonderful display which lasted well into the Autumn. We noticed that in the baking temperatures during the heatwave, that year, the display in the early morning was much better than in the evening.

Over the next year or so the stronger perennials such as Gallium and Achillia rather took over, along with self sown grasses. So in 2009 we changed the style to be more "prairie" and less meadow. But we intend to still have a large swathe of meadow.

Meadow on the left, Prairie on the right.

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NGS open days in 2018:

Sunday February 25th (11.00-3.00pm) - Hot Soup also available
Sunday March 4th (11.00-3.00pm)
- Hot Soup also available
Monday May 28th (1.30-5.30pm)
- The 20th anniversary of our first ever NGS opening
Sunday July 16th (1.30-5.30pm)
- Combined with other Repton NGS Village Gardens*
Sunday September 24th (1.30-5.30pm)
- Combined with other Repton NGS Village Gardens*
Delicious home-made cakes with tea or coffee available.

Entrance £3 in February & March, £4 in May, all takings (entry, teas and plants) to the NGS.

* Repton NGS Village Gardens are a group of 5 or 6 NGS gardens, the entry fee to see all of the gardens is £6

We are also open for the NGS by arrangement, (for groups of 10 or more - adm £6 incl home-made teas and guided tour)

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