End bed


The end bed - not a very original name and bit of a challenge. There is an oversized eucalyptus gunnii which causes family arguments - Pauline does not feel it fits and is waiting for a suitable storm to blow it down or a chain saw!
Robert just likes anything more than 6 foot tall (except Leylandii). There was a fire in 1996 which did serious damage although a surprising number of perennial plants started re-growing after a couple of weeks. This bed has been used for many different plants and bears the brunt of the strong winds sweeping across the field behind. At the moment there are dahlias and cannas in the middle although it is not really sunny enough for them. Near the gate there is a greengage, the fruits are delicious but there are very few of them and they tend to hide in the tree, but it puts on such a show in the Spring that we are reluctant to remove it. There are a few star plants - Acer Shirasawaranum aureum, variegated honesty, dicentras, polemonium Lambrook Mauve and Phytolacca Acinosa (Himalayan Pokeberry). There are many "also rans" like epilobium - white willow herb - don't believe anyone when they say it doesn't spread!
We don't have any clear plans but no doubt it will change as the butterfly bed matures and we remove some of the hawthorn hedge at the back.

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