Welcome to Robert and Pauline's one acre delightful English garden in peacefull Derbyshire
GHI GHI GHI propogation Bramley Bed Bed I Washing Line Silver Jayside Bed I

Run the mouse over the map for details of areas covered.

Main Front Bed

Front Left Bed

Front Right Bed

Front Kitchen Bed

Rachel's Bed

Richard's Bed


Main Pond


Side Bed

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Rhodedendrum Bed

Bramley Bed

Horseshoe Bed

Washingline Bed

Nursery Bed

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Compost Area

Pirates bed

Snuffs Bed

Thyme Bed


John's Bed

Hot Bed

End Bed

Vegetable Patch


Butterfly bed

Perennial Meadow




Throne Room

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The Dump

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Trees and Lawn

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Silver Bed

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Jayside Bed

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Field_end Bed

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Redwood Bed

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Corner Bed

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Propogation Beds


NGS open days in 2019:

Sunday February 17th (11.00-3.00pm) - Hot Soup also available
Sunday February 24th (11.00-3.00pm)
- Hot Soup also available
Monday May 27th (1.30-5.30pm)
- Combined with other Repton NGS Village Gardens*
Thursday June 27th (12.00-5.00pm)
- A midweek opening
Sunday July 21st (1.30-5.30pm)
- Combined with other Repton NGS Village Gardens*
Delicious home-made cakes with tea or coffee available.

Entrance £4 children free, all takings (entry, teas and plants) to the NGS.

* Repton NGS Village Gardens are a group of 5 or 6 NGS gardens, the entry fee to see all of the gardens is only £6

We are also open for the NGS by arrangement, (for groups of 10 or more - adm £6 incl home-made teas and guided tour)

Thank you for your visit

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